Reconnect Play Therapy is here to spread the word about Play Therapy  and how it can help to reconnect people with feelings, experiences and each other when things have become difficult to manage.   I hope this website will answer some of your questions about the Play Therapy approach.  Do contact me if you have specific enquiries.

I find most people are intrigued when I say I am a Play Therapist but they don't have a clear understanding of what it means. After all, from an adult perspective, Play may seem insignificant on one hand, or purely educational on the other.  But there is more to it than that!    We may observe a child absorbed in 'just playing' and not notice the depth and intensity of their experience.  Look more closely and see the powerful impact Play has on the development of children's thinking, their feelings and their relationships as well as their learning.  Play is powerful and purposeful.  Children play to communicate, explore and learn about their world and experiences. 

A child's invitation to 'Come and play with me!' is our opportunity to help them enjoy and make sense of their world.  Children have only had a few years of practice with spoken language but they are experts in the language of Play.  They can express powerful emotions and experiences much more readily through Play than through words; (the qualified Play Therapist has spent two years or more studying this eloquent language at Masters level!)  And this is the reason for Play Therapy.  Play Therapy can help when adverse experiences have caused a child's emotions to become unmanageable or overwhelming to them.  These turbulent emotions are hard to express, so they are likely to spill over in troubling behaviours which can damage relationships.  In Play Therapy difficult emotions, fears, worries, anger... can be expressed by the child fully but safely in the language of Play; Therapist and child explore not merely toys and creative materials but the child's experience of their world, and by doing so things can become less scary and more manageable.

Reconnect Play Therapy exists to provide and promote Child Centred Therapeutic Services for Children of Primary School age in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset.  It is worth repeating something that we all know: the inestimable importance to children of their relationships with those closest to them.  These relationships are of the highest value to a child's sense of security and their developing emotional and mental health.  Therefore working in partnership with parents/carers and the child's important adults is central to the approach of Reconnect Play Therapy.

The services Reconnect Play Therapy offers include: Individual Play Therapy, Filial Therapy (for parent/carer and child together), Circle of Security© Attachment Awareness Programme (for Parents and Carers), Consultation, Supervision and Training (for Parent's/Carers and Professionals working with children).

Sue Smith MA, PGCE
BAPT Play Therapist
Clinical Supervisor